Travelers During our visit to Tarapoto, doing what we like the most is “touring” we did the tour that I recommend you do not forget to do CACAO TOUR. We will tell you about our vs CHAZUTA. After visiting this magical place you can confirm that THE PERU IS BIGGER THAN ITS PROBLEMS.

In the words of the same people they tell us that they exchanged white pasta (coca) for the production of Cocoa, abandoned a dangerous and violent life as coca growers and thanks to their work Tarapoto went from producing 4,000 dollars in 2000 to producing 2011 49 million Dollars.

The visit to Chazuta began by visiting the Pasikiwi Farm of Jorge Mendoza who walked us through their fields and told us that a lot of dedication and effort are cultivated three types of fruits: CCN-51 (of Ecuadorian origin and whose seeds are sweet), hybrid (“Creole” and slightly acidic flavor) and ICS-95 (whose aroma is fine and comes from Trinidad and Tobago).

Just as this seed meant a turn in the life of the producers, cocoa is also an opportunity to start businesses specialized in preparing delicious chocolates.

The second stop was the Mishky Cocoa Chocolate Plant (made up of 19 women entrepreneurs who tell us how they had to deal with Machismo and also the lack of preparation. This challenge meant radically changing their lives and convincing their husbands to stop producing coca and venturing and trusting, after much effort and help they went ahead and today of the 19 only 13 women remain and we were happy to hear their success story. As a result they received the award for the Best Artisan Cocoa, with their Chocolate product from Majambo in Paris.

These courageous women told us that they already export their chocolates and the products they offer today are cup chocolate (100% cocoa), bitter chocolate (73%), 55% chocolate, Majambo chocolate and Majambo chocolate and coffee.

Their products are delicious, don’t stop buying them.

I leave a video of these women entrepreneurs that we were lucky to meet.

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